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The Ska Zine


Created from two Xicanxs that love Ska. This is a zine about the LA Ska scene and the recent events that inspired us to create it. We are calling for the LA Ska scene to be safe space for LGBTQ+/Womxn/Trans folx! The Ska scene is an amazing thing to be a part of. But we from Xicanx Crybaby want this scene to be for everyone!

Thank you to all of the contributors for the zine: Olivia aka @babexfett, Eddy J Rodriguez from Deskanse/Matamoska, LA Backyard Brigade, Evoekore Media, and Eddie Zetroc.

Art is drawn by our lovely Rocio Rodriguez (@rrm.art)

Image of  All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
$7.00 — On sale
Image of PREORDER: Lo Que Siento
PREORDER: Lo Que Siento
$2.00 — Coming soon
Image of Chapin and Other Love Stories
Chapin and Other Love Stories
$4.00 — On sale
Image of Brown Grrrl Growl
Brown Grrrl Growl
Image of fresas frescas
fresas frescas
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