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About Xicanx Crybaby

We are  a three person collective in the Los Angeles area expressing themsevles and their feelings. Xicanx Crybaby is for the muxeres, LGBTQIA+, the Los Angeles Punk/Hardcore/Indie/Ska scenes, and outcasts. Xicanx Crybaby is for anyone to reclaim their tears and their identities. 

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Insta: @xicanx.crybaby

Xicanx Crybaby collective is

Joss Moguel 

   Instagram: @youthcrewpapi

          Twitter: @honeypowerrr

          Tumblr: sadxchula.tumblr.com

Rocio Rodriguez-Magadan

   Instagram: @hidden.knives

           Art Instagram: @rrm.art

   Twitter: @silverblade

Eddie Cortez 

Instagram/Twitter: @eddiezetroc


Hit us up! xicanxcrybabyzine@gmail.com